Alpha Projects was established in Accra in 2012 and is now one of the best known and most progressive architectural firms in Ghana. We have built a reputation for delivering quality architecture combined with reliable service.

Alpha Projects is a design led firm, driven by the pursuit of quality and the belief that architecture has a major role to play in the quality of our lives. The firm’s growth and reputation has been backed by satisfied clients, well designed buildings, and a core team of creative and talented people. Today, the body of completed work that has positively impacted on our clients and the built environment continues to grow.

Architecture and Design Philosophy

Our architectural philosophy strikes from a visionary balance between analysis, context and beauty. We envisage an architectural future in which the current prevailing reductive avand-grade philosophy is suspended by a new paradigm of complexity and richness. Any project should be connected to and even blend into the network and identity of its location. Therefore great attention to the cultural and historic makeup of the site is required for a project to become a natural part of its surroundings. The emphasis on stems from the aim to maintain, accentuate and compliment the uniqueness of each individual location.

We aim to create a sensual and intuitive architecture that correspond to a natural language while evoking new emerging sensation. Our basic principles remain flexibility, sensibility and sustainability at social, economic and environmental level.